Raw Yorkshire Honey

Delicate, floral honey


This superb, raw honey is made in the traditional manner at Thornton, with the bees collecting nectar on the high Yorkshire Pennine moors.  A delicate floral flavour and sweet finish; this honey is as pure as it gets.
Choose from naturally set honey or runny honey versions.

Collected by Andy and Julia from bee hives throughout the West Yorkshire Pennines.

More about this

Andy and Julia have a passion for honey and bees, so they started helping out at Denholme Gate Honey in their spare time. When Andy was made redundant they decided to take their hobby onto the next level and take over the business.

Their farm is 1000 feet above sea level and they harvest honey from their own and partners’ hives, with the bees feeding on the seasonal plants throughout Yorkshire’s western Pennines.

The naturally-set mild and creamy honey is made from honeycombs collected in the spring, when the bees forage on oilseed rape, blossoms, dandelions and bluebells. The runny honey is taken from summer honeycombs, when the bees forage on summer flowers, making it more floral and delicate.

Nutritional Data (typical values per 100g)
Energy: 333kcal/1416kJ
Fat: 0.2g (of which saturates: 0.1g)
Carbohydrate: 83g (of which sugars: 69.6g)
Fibre: 0.5g
Protein: 0.2g

Sold in: 1 x 340g Jar.

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