Truffle Honey

Sweet, floral with a strong truffle depth.


Ex-Michelin starred chefs, Domencia and Beppe developed a range of truffle products in the heart of the white truffle region.  Using Italian Acacia honey they infuse it with delicate slivers of white truffle – and nothing else; no truffle ‘flavourings’ or truffle ‘additives’ – this is the real deal.

The rich truffle flavour is offset by a delicate sweetness.  Drizzle over blue or goats cheese.

Made by Tartuflanghe in Langhe, Italy.

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This truffle honey is made by the famous Tartuflanghe in Langhe, Italy.  Notorious truffle hunters and Michelin-starred chefs, Domenica and Beppe, diversified from their famous restaurant.
Using their creativity and their local truffle resource they started their family business from 1968 has been built up slowly by finding the very best white truffles by hand (or with their trained dogs).
Now in it’s next generation it is still going strong – the very best truffles, in this case, matched to the best honey.

Ingredients: Italian Honey, Italian white truffle (Tuber magnatum Pico) 0,1%.

Sold in: 1 x 40g, or 230g jar.

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  1. Claire Allen

    My husband absolutely loved this. Truffle is an aquired taste. This is the best, beautiful.

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