Ciello Bianco Catarrato

Refreshing, vibrant and aromatic.

  • Organic

Growing the classic Sicilian white grape, Catarratto, the Vesco family pick the grapes early and use modern temperature controls to make a natural white wine that is refreshing, aromatic, fruity, and very easy to drink.

Great for all soft and milder cheeses like Lancashire and younger Gruyere.

Made by Ciello in Sicily, Italy.

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This wine is biodynamic and completely unfiltered (most wine is filtered through isinglass to remove any cloudiness but some people believe it removes character to do that),  so it can be a touch cloudy but it should settle out to the bottom of the bottle/glass after a while.  It is expected to be cloudy – enjoy it!

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750ml.  13.5% abv.  2018 Vintage.  Organic.

This wine is sold by Buon Vino and dispatched to arrive at the same time as your cheese. If you’d like to choose any other wine from them to be delivered at the same time (included in the delivery charge), please have a look at their website and telephone The Courtyard Dairy on 01729 823 291 to place your order.

Ingredients: Contains sulphites.

Customer reviews

  1. Glynne Knight

    Great organic white wine, nice flavour and excellent for the price. Now my favourite “everyday” white.

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