Thornborough Yorkshire Cider

Sparkling crisp dry cider


This Yorkshire Cider is made traditionally and fermented naturally using only Yorkshire eating and cooking apples. Used instead of cider apples, these apples give the cider a crisp freshness and light body.

Match it with fresh, light goats’ cheeses, creamy rich Bries, and Alpine-style cheeses.

Made by Kingsley Ash in Thornborough, near Bedale, North Yorkshire

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In 2007, Kingsley gave up a successful job in the music industry in London and decided to move to Yorkshire to start a family. Settling near Masham, Kingsley helped out at a nearby estate, which had an awful lot of apple trees, as well as lecturing on music at Leeds University. Kingsley observed that every autumn many apples were left lying on the ground, rotting and going to waste. He decided to use them instead!

Collecting up all the unwanted apples, he mashed them, pressed them, and made his first batch of cider. And so Kingsley’s cider was born.

It wasn’t long before he bought an antique cider press off Ebay, and modified his garden shredder to help mash up the apples. By 2009, he’d moved to Thornborough, near Bedale, to a house with 12 apple trees, and what was originally a hobby soon became time-consuming, forcing him to give up lecturing and concentrate exclusively on making his ‘Thornborough Cider’.

He now has 600 trees planted in an orchard and accepts donations of eating or cooking apples from anywhere within Yorkshire. Not using cider apples (commonly used by cider-makers throughout the country), means his cider has a gentle sparkle and crisp dry finish, and is lighter and fresher than the heavier, more powerful ‘scrumpy’ types found in Somerset and Herefordshire.

Kingsley makes his cider using traditional methods including using a cloth and rack press to extract the apple juice. The unfiltered apple juice (over 90% in this cider – some ciders are as low as 35%!) ferments through the Yorkshire winter in stainless steel vats, creating alcohol using only the natural yeast present on the apple skins. In spring the cider is bottled with a little more yeast, so it gains an extra sparkle in the bottle.

Unfiltered, unfined and unpasteurised, the cider will throw a sediment and appear cloudy. No added sulphites.

330ml or 750ml 6.5% abv

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