Half Wheel Raclette Machine – Gas


Gas-powered half-wheel Raclette machine designed and manufactured in Switzerland.

Simply swing half wheels of Raclette cheese under the grill, wait for the cheese to start bubbling, then scrape it piping-hot onto soft new potatoes.

This model is cooks the raclette fast is suitable for large events (it is the same as used by traders on Borough Market) and takes two half wheels of cheese at once (one grilling at a time).

Made by TTM in Sierre, Valais, Switzerland.

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This half-wheel Raclette grill is designed for commercial use, with a hot gas flame and the ability to hold two half-wheels of Raclette cheese at once.  One or two half-wheels of Raclette cheese are placed on a height-adjustable swivel-and-tilt arm.  The cooked cheese can easily be swung out to be scraped onto a plate whilst the other cheese cooks.

TTM Brio Gas Plus (this includes ignition button and thermocouple gas cut out for blow outs)

2.6kW – 3.4kW of heating power.
Depending on conditions (cheese temperature / room temperature, etc.) this serves roughly 75 portions an hour.

(This Raclette machine is designed for use only with a propane or butane gas cylinder fitted with a suitable pressure regulator and hose (not included).)

TTM was founded in Switzerland 1964.  They are well known for bringing top chic designer products to the fondue and Raclette market and have deservedly won many design awards.

** Cheese not included **

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