Sheffield Cheese Knife


Crafted by traditional cutlers in Sheffield, this gleaming, beautifully fashioned knife is a joy to use.  Slices slivers of cheese with ease.
This handmade cheese knife has a polished rosewood handle and carbon steel blade.

Made by Arthur Wright & Son in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England.

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Arthur Wright & Son is one of the last traditional cutler business left in Sheffield.  It was formed in 1947 as part of the then thriving local cutlery industry.  Following the decline of Sheffield’s steel industry, John Maleham, a local engineer from a long line of cutlers, took over the business in the 1990s to ensure Sheffield’s strong traditions would continue.

Head cutler Michael Harrison leads a team of apprentice-trained cutlers.  They still fashion and construct each individual knife by hand from start to finish.  After blanking out the blades  from sheet metal they harden and temper the carbon steel before shaping, sharpening, grinding and glazing the blade and its rosewood handle.  Each knife has been handmade to this unique design especially commissioned by The Courtyard Dairy.  The blade is engraved with “Made in Sheffield” and “The Courtyard Dairy”.  Blank blades without “The Courtyard Dairy” engraving are also available in the drop down box.

The blade is made from carbon steel so can be sharpened very easily, but must be cleaned and dried thoroughly after use to prevent staining, especially when cutting high-acid foods.

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