Raclette Grill Hire


Hire a commercial-grade Raclette Grill!

Simply swing half wheels of Raclette cheese under the grill, wait for the cheese to start bubbling, then scrape it piping-hot onto soft new potatoes.

Suitable to grill half wheels of raclette cheese (for around 20-30 portions).  Electric and LPG gas versions are available, each with the option of single half wheel holder or double half wheel holder.

Hire of a single holder version starts at £94.90 for the first week, £50 per week thereafter.  Hire of a double-holder version is £99.90 for the first week, £50 per week thereafter.  This includes delivery to and collection from UK addresses.  A refundable deposit is required: £250 for the electric version, £750 for the gas version, £50 for the double holder (if required).  The raclette cheese is not included in the hire charge, but can be ordered at the same time.

Please contact The Courtyard Dairy to arrange to hire a Raclette Grill: email [email protected] or phone 01729 823 291.



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Electric Raclette Grill (for 1/2 wheels).  Indoor and outdoor use (under cover).

Measures 48cm (W) x 27cm (D) x 33cm (H).

A half-wheel Raclette Grill that easily holds one halfwheel of raclette cheese (circa 2.5 – 4 Kg).

Height adjustable to get the bubbling raclette cheese close to the heat.

Gas Raclette Grill (for 1/2 wheels).  Outdoor use (requires a Propane gas cylinder).

A half-wheel Raclette Grill designed for commercial use, with hot gas burner and the ability to hold two half-wheels of raclette cheese at once.  Half-wheels of raclette cheese are placed on the height-adjustable swivel-and-tilt arm.  The melted cheese can easily be swung out to be scraped onto a plate whilst the other cheese is melting  2.6kW – 3.4kW of heating power.

Further details:

Made by TTM in Sierre, Valais, Switzerland.  TTM was founded in Switzerland 1964.  They are well known for bringing top chic designer products to the fondue and Raclette market and have deservedly won many design awards.

Customer reviews

  1. Sandra Hewitt

    Super efficient service! Hired a raclette and bought the appropriate cheese for a party after our ski holiday to France was cancelled due to Covid restrictions. It went down a storm, was delivered and collected promptly and the cheese was delicious – highly recommended

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