Cheese Celebration Cake

The perfect centrepiece for any party.


This Cheese Celebration cake is ideal for birthdays, events and parties, providing four fabulous cheeses: rich soft Camembert-style, light fresh goats’ cheese, supple Dales-style hard cheese, and creamy blue.
Ideal for 30-40 people, 2.68kg cheese.
Full cheese details are below.  If you would like to try the cheeses, simply order a sample box.

Comes with party popper and candle included.

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This Cheese Celebration Cake tower includes:

Dorstone: delectable goats’ cheese.  Pasteurised goats’ milk.  180g.

Tunworth Camembert: pungent soft British Camembert. Pasteurised cows’ milk.  250g.

Leeds Blue: creamy rich blue.  Pasteurised sheep’s milk.  750g.

Fellstone or Cote Hill Lindum (depending on the season): creamy mellow hard cheese.  Unpasteurised cows’ milk.  1.5kg

Before you make your choice of delectable cheese celebration cake tower, be sure to read the tips and tricks listed here and find out what makes The Courtyard Dairy’s cheese cake towers so very special.

Height approximately 22.5cm

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Decorations and flowers are not included because this is something you will want to match to your celebration.

Please make sure, that you arrange the delivery to yourself or the venue/caterers to be at least two days before the event (and not a Friday) to allow for contingencies.  The cheese will then need to be kept refrigerated until the event and will have two weeks’ shelf life from the date of delivery.  Conveniently, at checkout you can choose a delivery date even well in the future if you would like your cheese delivering for a specific event.

In the current pandemic not all our suppliers are able to supply us as consistently as they were.
What this means is that occasionally we may give you a substitute in some cheese selections.  This will always be a carefully-selected similar cheese of equal or greater value.
If you do not want us to supply a suitable substitute in this way, state in the ‘special instructions’ at checkout: “No replacements”, in which case we may have to phone you if there is an issue.

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