Yorkshire Cheese Selection

Yorkshire’s Finest Cheeses


Incredible artisan Yorkshire cheeses, made by hand in small batches.
Including classics such as Wensleydale and Yorkshire Cheddar to modern inventions like the creamy Leeds Blue and fresh lactic Hebden Goat.
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The Yorkshire cheese selection includes:

Hebden Goat. Unpasteurised goats’ milk. 100g.
Hebden Goat cheese is made on the farm by Gillian Clough with milk from her ten (yes just ten!) goats. The cheese is slowly set before being moulded and aged for three weeks. The wrinkly rind breaks down to a smooth paste with rich goaty and grassy flavours.

Richard III Wensleydale. Pasteurised cows’ milk, vegetarian. 310g.
An ancient Wensleydale recipe that produces a moister, less-crumbly, acidic cheese. Sold by The Courtyard Dairy in the traditional manner at one month old, Richard III Wensleydale is clean and light, with a gentle, milky and lemony flavour.  Made at Sandhams, matured in Yorkshire.

Dale End Cheddar. Unpasteurised cows’ milk, organic, vegetarian. 250g.
Traditional clothbound Cheddar made in Yorkshire. Alastair Pearson of Botton Creamery selects specific batches for The Courtyard Dairy that are then further aged – up to 18-months – by which time the Dale End Cheddar has a distinctive, tangy bite and rich, long-lasting flavour.

Leeds Blue. Pasteurised sheep’s milk. 250g.
Mario Olianas moved to Yorkshire from Italy in 2001. Hailing from a budding family of Italian gourmets and cheese-makers, Mario uses sheep’s milk from Harrogate to create this smooth, rich and creamy Leeds Blue.

This product will have two weeks’ shelf life from the date of delivery. Conveniently, at checkout you can choose a delivery date even well in the future if you would like your cheese delivering for a specific event.

In the current pandemic not all our suppliers are able to supply us as consistently as they were.
What this means is that occasionally we may give you a substitute in some cheese selections.  This will always be a carefully-selected similar cheese of equal or greater value.
If you do not want us to supply a suitable substitute in this way, state in the ‘special instructions’ at checkout: “No replacements”, in which case we may have to phone you if there is an issue.

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