Rolling 3-Cheese Monthly Subscription (Direct Debit)

Three great cheeses delivered monthly.

£28.00 / month

The Courtyard Dairy’s cheesemongers select the best and most interesting cheeses in season and deliver them direct to your door on the second Tuesday of every month.

Each month’s cheese club selection features three different cheeses plus a packet of crackers and a detailed article on the cheese producers, which includes topical information about cheese.

The monthly price includes delivery.

(You can restrict the selection you receive by selecting one of the ‘No blue, No goat, Gluten free or Vegetarian’ options in the drop-down box. For multiple restrictions, please detail your requirements in the ‘Special Instructions’ box at checkout.)

More about this

If you are ordering this as a gift and you’d like to receive a gift card explaining about the monthly cheese club to your lucky recipient, simply email [email protected].

This regular monthly cheese club subscription is delivered every month, complete with in-depth details and features about cheese! Once purchased, the selection is delivered on the second Tuesday of each month, commencing the month following sign-up. Payment is taken on the 3rd day of each month.

And if you ever need to cancel your subscription, you can do so by giving one week’s notice.

If you have any questions about the monthly cheese club subscription check the frequently asked questions page. If the answer’s not there, please feel free to contact Andy!

Example monthly cheese club:
Tunworth Camembert, Dale End Cheddar, and Killeen Goats’ Gouda.
700g minimum weight of cheese per month.

Customer reviews

  1. Anne

    I am impatiently waiting for my third monthly cheese delivery. I love most cheeses in general so opted for any cheese option and I haven’t been disappointed in any of them, Yes there are some that I prefer but it is such a pleasure to try new things and give them a chance. Even the blue cheese, which is not usually my first choice of cheese, has been exceptional. I really enjoy supporting small farmers and the Courtyard Diary and feel privileged to be able to support local businesses and at the same time appreciate and enjoy food made with love. Well done to all involved. Keep up the good work.

  2. Harrie Lerman

    There will always be cheeses that don’t hit your taste buds but the Rolling 3-cheese Monthly Subscription always found one of us who liked all or part of the selection. It has been a great way to try new cheeses rather than clinging to the ‘old favorites”. We enjoyed it so much we are ordering another three months!

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