Bespoke Cheese Wedding Cakes

Create your own unique, personalised cheese wedding cake to suit your specific requirements.  Ideal if you have particular favourite cheeses you want to include, a specific budget to work to, or perhaps want to cater for a set amount of guests.
Please ring Emma on 01729 823 291 to discuss your requirements, or email [email protected] for further details of bespoke cheese wedding cakes.
Cheese wedding cake tastings can be organised in the shop, or sample boxes of appropriate cheeses can be delivered to your home.

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Before you make your choice of delectable cheese wedding cake, be sure to read the tips and tricks listed here (including why and how to add separators to give your cake extra height) and find out what makes The Courtyard Dairy’s cheese wedding cakes so very specialClick here to see a variety of cakes made for other happy couples, their pictures and testimonials, and some decoration ideas.

Decorations and flowers are not included because they are best left for you to match to your wedding.

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