The Finest French Cheeses

Vive la France! Quatre fantastique fromages!


Some of the cheeses are still maturing, why not try the award winning cheese selection instead – it’s similar in the cheeses it offers!

The ultimate French cheeseboard, this cheese selection includes four of the finest farmhouse cheeses to make it out of France: the classic mushroomy Brie de Meaux, a herbaceous goats cheese, Bi Caillou, the sumptuous and strong Langres, and a spicy and rich Bleu des Causses.

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This cheese selection box includes:

Brie de Meaux.  Unpasteurised cows’ milk.  250g.  This classic and original Brie is made just outside Paris.  Dongé’s Brie de Meaux is still hand-ladled, then drained on reed mats, and has fruity and rich flavours with a smooth, velvety texture.  It is despatched only when it’s bulging at the sides.  Outstanding.

Bi Caillou.  Unpasteurised goats’ milk.  125g.  A classic French goats’ cheese made high up in the Limousin mountains; the high diverse pasture gives Bi Caillou a rich herbaceous flavour.

Langres.  Unpasteurised cows’ milk.  180g.  Made outside the market town of Langres, France, The Courtyard Dairy continue to wash the rind of this cheese in Marc de Bourgogne brandy many more times to make it sumptuous and creamy, with a distinctive grapey-note.

Bleu des Causses.  Unpasteurised cows’ milk.  250g.  Aged in natural caves in the Causses plateau and modelled on Roquefort this cheese has an assertive rich flavour that melts on the palate.  The Courtyard Dairy ages this Bleu des Causses a bit longer than normal to produce a richer flavour.

This product will have two weeks shelf life from the date of delivery.  Conveniently, at checkout you can choose a delivery date even well in the future if you would like your cheese delivering for a specific event.

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