The British Cheese Awards Selection

The British Cheese Awards - all winners.


Four brilliant cheeses that have all come top of their class at The British Cheese Awards.  Killeen: award-winning, sweet and floral goats’ milk Gouda; Winslade: gooey, floral and soft; Kirkham’s Lancashire: traditional and buttery; and Beenleigh Blue: sweet and minerally.

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This cheese selection box celebrates the British Cheese Awards and includes:

Killeen.  Pasteurised goats’ cheese.  250g.
Leaving Holland in search of the Irish ‘good-life’, Marion Roeleveld developed Killeen – a goats’ milk Gouda made with milk from her own goats.
Killeen is aged in-house by The Courtyard Dairy for 11 months, the cheese developing a greater depth of flavour as the sweetness and toasty roasted-hazelnut flavours show through.
Best Irish Cheese and Best Modern British Goat Cheese (British Cheese Awards 2012)

Winslade.  Pasteurised cows’ cheese, vegetarian.  230g.
A recent creation – a cross between Vacherin and Camembert, encircled by a spruce strip.  Winslade is matured and sold by The Courtyard Dairy when it is fully ripe, rich, soft and gooey.
Best New Cheese (British Cheese Awards 2013)
Note: the cheese pictured is Tunworth Camembert (Supreme Champion at The British Cheese Awards 2013) – a softer, white cheese that may occasionally replace Winslade.

Kirkham’s Lancashire.  Unpasteurised cows’ cheese.  250g.
Third-generation Lancashire-maker Graham (Mrs Kirkham’s son!) still follows the traditional two-day curd method, giving a buttery, yoghurty flavour with a fluffy and light texture that melts in the mouth.
The Courtyard Dairy is one of only two shops which stock Kirkham’s Lancashire made for them in a traditional 25kg (56lb) wheel.  This size of Kirkham’s Lancashire ages slower, producing a better, longer-lasting flavour.
Best Territorial Cheese (British Cheese Awards 2012).

Beenleigh Blue.  Pasteurised sheep’s cheese, vegetarian.  210g
Beenleigh Blue was one of the first modern British blue cheeses, created by Robin Congdon in the 1970s.  Unpressed, French-style, it is sold by The Courtyard Dairy at four months old, when it is flinty, minerally and light with a subtle blue taste.

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