Capra Nouveau

Fruity, yielding, herbaceous

  • Unpasteurised
  • Goats' Milk

This cheese is no longer being made….   In the meantime if you like this cheese you’ll love the Rollright or Killeen as an alternative…

A fabulous recent addition to British farmhouse cheese making.  Capra Nouveau is encircled in spruce then washed in cider for three months to give it a semi-soft, yielding texture and a delicate, goaty, herbaceous flavour alongside a fruity, sweeter, aromatic rind.
Quite rightly, Capra Nouveau has won more awards than you can shake a stick at.  Production is so small The Courtyard Dairy only get 30 cheeses per month – this cheese is a rare find.

Made by Sarah Hampton at Brock Hall Farm, Bridgnorth, Shropshire, England.

More about this

Sarah Hampton moved to Shropshire in 2001, giving up the high life as a PR director and settling into rural idyll at Brock Hall Farm.  Shortly after, she was introduced to pure breed Saanen goats at an agricultural show in Wales.  Instantly falling in love with them, she bought two from a lady in Norfolk, to keep on the small area of land she had around the farm (20 acres).

These brilliant-white purebred Saanen goats could trace their lineage back to the original Saanen goats brought over from Switzerland in the 1920s to improve the British goat stock.  Sarah soon got carried away and bought a buck… the inevitable followed, but she didn’t anticipate that once kidded, her goats would produce milk – and being of the finest pure-bred Saanen stock, there was lots of it.  The obvious thing to do was use it.  Making cheese was an economical use, so in 2010 her cheese-making facility was constructed and cheese began to be produced.

Brock Hall Farm is still a smallholding.  Sarah now has only a handful of goats, all pedigree Saanen – one of the only herds like this in the UK – and makes cheeses ranging from soft, to fresh and hard.  One of her cheeses, Capra Nouveau, is fast becoming the most talked about.  With influences from the Alpine style of cheeses, it is semi-soft and encircled in spruce, yielding but not runny.  Washing gently over three months in the farm’s homemade cider creates its natural orangey-pink rind.  This maturation brings out its delicate, herbaceous, goaty flavour alongside a fruity, sweeter, aromatic tone from the rind.

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