Supple, rich and delicate.

  • Unpasteurised
  • Cows' Milk

This cheese is currently being matured to its optimum.  If you would like to know when it will be available for you to buy and enjoy, please let Andy know: [email protected].  In the meantime if you like this cheese you’ll love the Amalthea as an alternative…

A small fresh cheese, gently washed to provide a rich depth.

Made by Paul Thomas and Hannah Roche in Little Hampton, Hampshire, England.

More about this

Paul Thomas had a background in biochemistry before joining Mellis’s cheesemongers in Scotland, where he rose through the ranks and met partner Hannah Roche (who also worked as a cheese-maker in the USA), the scientific background helped them to become some of the best cheese-makers in the UK.

Recently they have set up by themselves to create ‘Thimble Cheesemakers’ (the name thanks to an Irish friend who, upon looking at a Little Anne cheese, said “Oh it’s like a wee thimble cheese”).

Dorothy came about as Paul wanted to create a cheese similar to Reblochon, a washed rind cheese, supple with a gentle sweet rich flavour.  Paul decided to only wash the cheese a few times, hence it only has a pale orange appearance that is dappled with other bacteria and moulds – a ‘mixed rind’,  This gives it a more diverse flavour and is not as powerful as the traditional French washed rinds which are washed more vigorously to produce a pungent aroma (like Epoisses, Munster, Livarot).  Dorothy takes its names from the cheesemaker Hannah’s Grandma.

Interestingly you can see the difference that recipes can have in cheesemaking as Paul & Hannah use the same milk to create this cheese as is used for the Old Winchester Gouda-Cheddar available on the website (where Paul used to be head cheesemaker).  They have a small herd of 120 British Friesian cows’ that have been bred for the last 25 years to produce the ideal milk for cheesemaking.  Feeding on pasture in farmland that spans Wiltshire, Hampshire and The New Forest, they provide a rich milk that adds a great flavour to the cheese.

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