Little Anne

Lactic, fresh, yeasty.

  • Unpasteurised
  • Cows' Milk

This cheese is currently being matured to its optimum.  If you would like to know when it will be available for you to buy and enjoy, please let Andy know: [email protected].  In the meantime if you like this cheese you’ll love the St Jude as an alternative…

Made using traditional techniques, the slow ‘make’ and hand-ladling has created a small lactic cheese that is yeasty and fresh; Little Anne is a delight to eat.

Made by Paul Thomas and Hannah Roche in Little Hampton, Hampshire, England.

More about this

Thanks in many respects to a scientific background in biochemistry, Paul Thomas has quickly become one of Britain’s best cheese-makers.  Head-cheese-maker at Lyburn Farmhouse (where Old Winchester is made), he has recently decided to branch out with his partner, Hannah Roche (who worked with him at Mellis’s cheesemongers in Edinburgh and as a cheese maker in the USA), so in 2013 they created ‘Thimble Cheesemakers’ (the name thanks to an Irish friend who, upon looking at a Little Anne cheese, said “Oh it’s like a wee thimble cheese”).

They are currently developing two unique cheeses using unpasteurised milk from a nearby farm (Lyburn Farm in Hampshire which produce the Old Winchester cheese).  Lyburn farm have bred their British Freisian cows for cheesemaking for the last 20-years, this coupled with their rich pasture bordering the New Forest provides a rich milk that makes fabulous cheese.

Little Anne is their first creation and came about by accident, whilst experimenting with milk and curd in their home.  Pleased with the results they decided to pursue it as a venture!  Made by lactic-setting the milk over 24 hours.

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