Heart-Shaped Finn

Smooth, delectable, rich.

  • Unpasteurised
  • Cows' Milk

A triple-cream cheese, a classic of the French Parisian style.  Extra cream is added to the milk before making the Finn cheese, ensuring it has a rich, delectable flavour and smooth texture.

The Courtyard Dairy sells Finn at three-weeks old, when it still has a fresh lemony flavour to temper the richness.

Moulded into a heart shape for Valentine’s Day.  Outside of Valentine’s Day this cheese is provided in a round form – click here for more details.

Made by Charlie Westhead in Dorstone, Herefordshire, England.

More about this

Charlie Westhead makes several of the outstanding cheeses supplied by The Courtyard Dairy.

Finn is based on French cream-enriched cheese (such a Vignotte, Delice or Brillat-Savarin).

The unpasteurised milk used for Finn is collected from Glasbury-on-Wye, at the farm of Andrew and Rachel Giles.  They operate a ‘New Zealand’ system of farming which means the cows are only ever milked when grazing out at pasture and are ‘dried off’ for the winter months.  Hence Finn remains seasonal and is only made when the cows are feeding on the best product – grass!  This means the cows also require less concentrates and can have a more natural feeding regime; all of which improves the quality of the cheese.

The herd is New Zealand Frieisan (akin to the old British Friesian, which is better than the black-and-white Holstein-Friesians you see commonly throughout the country).  They also have some Jersey cows in the herd, which gives an added richness to the milk.

This local unpasteurised organic milk is combined with double cream before a long gentle set, making a rich delectable cheese.  Double/triple cream cheeses like Finn are difficult to make because the cream settles out whilst the curd is setting.  Hence Charlie has to ‘top-stir’ the setting curd several times to ensure the cream is all trapped in the cheese.

This slow setting leads to fresh lactic flavour initially in the cheese, which then breaks down with time to form a rich, intense creaminess, showcasing the cream and milk!

Charlie Westhead started making cheese 20 years ago in Central London, before moving out to Sevenoaks.

Several years ago they relocated in Herefordshire (land was cheaper there!) and built a brand new creamery.  Their new creamery is extremely eco-friendly – all their power comes from solar panels, wind turbines and wood burners.  The waste water is also disposed of and filtered through their own wetland system.

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