Persillé du Malzieu

Rich, spicy, creamy.

  • Unpasteurised
  • Sheep's Milk

This cheese is currently being matured to its optimum.  If you would like to know when it will be available for you to buy and enjoy, please let Andy know: [email protected].  In the meantime if you like this cheese you’ll love the Beenleigh Blue as an alternative…

Made just outside the Roquefort region with milk from the same breed of sheep – Persillé du Malzieu takes on similar characteristics to Roquefort – rich, spicy and creamy.

Made by Coopérative Le Malzieu Ville in Malzieu, Lozère, France.

More about this

Made to a very similar recipe as Roquefort (including the same breed of sheep, Lacaune, which give a rich milk).  Not being constrained by the Roquefort AOC, the producer can use many techniques to alter the cheese (such a later piercing, slower and longer ageing), which produces a unique (but similar) alternative.

This cheese is bought very young (less than ten days old) and aged by MonS Fromages.

This product will have two weeks shelf life from the date of delivery.  Conveniently, at checkout you can choose a delivery date even well in the future if you would like your cheese delivering for a specific event.

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