Single Gloucester

Gentle with a sharp, clean finish.

  • Unpasteurised
  • Cows' Milk
  • Suitable in Pregnancy

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Jonathan Crump farms around 60 rare native breed Gloucester cows in Gloucestershire.
One of a handful of Gloucester cheesemakers left, this is a classic Single Gloucester cheese made by hand and matured for 2-months to produce a zesty-fresh flavour, slightly crumble texture and clean finish.

Made by Jonathan Crump at Standish Park Farm at Oxlynch (near Stroud), Gloucestershire.

More about this

Jonathan is the only cheese-maker who still uses exclusively traditional Gloucester-breed of cows to make his cheese, renowned for their hardiness and good quality milk for cheese. With a small herd (only 50 cows), Jonathan only has 15 in milk at any one time. Using no artificial fertiliser or pesticides, Jonathan feeds the cows at pasture and feeds hay made on the farm in winter. The Gloucester cow almost died out as it is low yielding (doesn’t give as much milk as modern breeds); however the milk it does give makes very good cheese. The breed was saved from extinction in the 1980s as the last herd of 10 cows was bought up and started to be bred from again.

This is a traditional single Gloucester. The differences between single and double Gloucester and hotly debated, but it is generally thought that the double was the higher quality cheese for selling outside the farm: firmer and matured for longer it is often coloured. The single was more for home consumption and is argued it is called single as it is either made from one milking, a moister less acid cheese or made with skimmed milk (as the cream was used to make butter). This single Gloucester is 2 months old.

Find out more about the differences between single and double Gloucester here >.

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