Cheese Wedding Cake Tips and Tricks

After making cheese wedding cake towers and cutting them perfectly for years here are Andy Swinscoe’s top tips:

  • Many people spend too much time designing the cheese wedding cake towers by cheese size and diameter and often they find they end up with all similar cheeses.  Make sure your wedding cake has a good balance and contrast of cheese types (hard, soft, blue), flavours, colours, textures and intensities.
  • The tiers of the cheese wedding cake naturally get smaller as they near the top.  To ensure your guests each get an opportunity to taste all the different cheeses, you might consider choosing a slightly smaller cake and then ordering extra of the cheese that makes up the top few tiers.
  • Order well in advance so The Courtyard Dairy can make sure each of the cheeses is at perfect ripeness on the day of the wedding.
  • Add height to your cheese cake tower by ordering glass separators for between the tiers.  The open tiers can then be decorated with flowers and fruit. (Find out how the separators work by clicking here.)
  • You can put softer cheeses in lower layers in the wedding cheese cake by building-in support so they can take the weight of the cheeses above.  Do this by cutting out a circle of cheese in the middle and replacing it with an eggcup and a cake-plate on top.
  • About 70-100g of cheese per person is ideal for an after-dinner course.  Double that if you are making it the main attraction!
  • All The Courtyard Dairy cheese wedding cakes are delivered without decoration, so you can decorate them yourselves to the theme of your party.  For decoration ideas and past testimonials from people who’ve enjoyed their cheese wedding cakes click here.
  • Have your cake delivered two working days before the wedding or celebration to be sure it’ll be perfect on the day.
  • Make sure the cake is brought out some time before serving, so the cheeses are at room temperature when consumed!
  • If you are unsure of which cake to choose, you could buy a sample box first, or visit the shop.